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Data use and reuse examples

Here few examples of data use and reuse could your ideas on what can be done in your research to better use the available data:

  • Astronomy and Astrophysics Virtual Observatories (e.g., EURO-VO). They use the stored images already acquired instead of acquiring new images.

  • Data reanalysis (common at CERN and in climate science) with new algorithms searching for different phenomena not initially searched for.

  • Discovery by browsing existing datasets (a.k.a. Google Science). For example using the Google Dataset Search.

  • Find correlations between data and the corresponding metadata (e.g., the OMEGA project for bio-imaging of virion movement in cells).

  • Providing context for other data. Meteorological data to correct radio-telescope data.

  • Stimulate new usage patterns. For example every kind of Machine Learning, deep or not, substitutes the need of a model with the availability of (a lot of) training data.

Sure, there are many more examples. If you want send us ( the missing ones.